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Platformance 7-19 April Thessaloniki
Performance after a 5 day workshop

Image Artemis Pyrpillis

28 November 2014/ Agony Art, Chisenhale Dance Space 

Dialogue 1 part 5: how to live in a dead machine by Hamish MacPherson and Maria Sideri.  4P6A0634

Workshop on political speeches and somatic citizenship with the dance artist Hamish MacPherson  as part his project  “Improvising Politics”,  a series of  workshops  finding new ways to reflect on politics. Inspired by  the dance and discussion classes run by the New Dance Group in 1930s New York  to explore themes of power, time, borders and political speech.

Part of Chisenhale Dance Space’s 30th Birthday Season.

Chisenhale Dance Space London

WEB workshop 2


23 June 2012