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Vibrant Matter/ La Métachorie

ArtsAdmin Studio 3, 24 November 2014

Images by Ana Matos

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16 October 2013  3rd Thessaloniki Performance Festival of the 4th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art Curated by: Eirini Papakonstantinou Courtesy: the State Museum of Contemporary Art and the artist VIS MOTRIX STUDIO THESSALONIKI

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Images by Eleutheria Kalpenidou

“Matter does not remember the past, because it repeats the past unceasingly, it unfolds a series of moments of which each is the equivalent of the preceding moment and may be deduced from it”. (H.Bergson, Matter and Memory).

I* am a resonance of the past, a recollection of a memory from 1913. I am a cyber metaphysical eco neo-animistic medium camouflaged behind the image and the ideas of somebody else. This dance revisits the Métachorie**, a cerebral dance of the thought of the French artist Valentine de Saint Point***. I am covering my head like she did back in 1913. I am not against theatrical expression. Unlike her, I just want to become conspicuously invisible and I like the Lovers of Magritte. My body has two voices. These voices come together out of a milk mouth. I am wearing white because I want people to think that I represent clarity and purity. In reality, it’s because I like white rats and I am inspired from chemical attacks and voodoo rituals. I am doing this dance because I want to reenact an old material with a contemporary concept, to paraphrase one explicit historical predecessor in style and content. Since“The past is acted by matter, imagined by mind” (H.Bergson) both Valentine and myself we believe in the élan vital, a vibrant force of the inanimate substance, so now, we are here together.***Valentine de Saint Point: (Lyon, 1875 – Cairo, 1953) French aristocrat avant-garde artist who theorized broadened territories of artistic activities, linking questions of flesh, desire, gender and politics. She is known for her Métachorie**, a dance performance with movements combined words of her poems, light projections of mathematical equations, effusion of perfumes and music disconnected from the dance her “Feminine action”, a new cross-disciplinary field and her “Art of Flesh” which encompasses the history of tragedy, dance and performance, culminates with her conceptual quest “ we must make lust into a work of art”. She has written several poem collections, novels, theater pieces, a review for East’s rebirth named Phoenix, a manifesto on the futurist woman and a manifesto on lust. Her interference with futurism, her feminine action and her anticolonial campaign in Egypt have all been really controversial. Beyond all the “isms” Valentine belongs to those female artists that built their own avant-garde experiments as a reply to the psychology of desire and the reconstruction of a female mythology. She has brought in dance the emancipation of patriarchal bonds exposing the female body not as an object of beauty but as vehicle of a concept and introduced the importance of the Idea for a genuine, non-identifiable relation between the arts.

21February 2014
Work in progress

Image by Manuel Vason

July 2013 Siobban Davis Studios


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Image by Manuel Vason.