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ArtWorks fellowship

  • By Maria Sideri

March to September 2018, Athens



Hello World Choir / EP Shagara

  • By Maria Sideri
  Hello World Choir EP Shagara Available on bandcamp :  



Villa Empain Bruxelles

  • By Maria Sideri



coming soon

  • By Maria Sideri



a collective chronicle- Some thoughts on Documenta14

  • By Maria Sideri


Attic black figure signed by nicosthenes as potter ca. 520 B.C. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Museum Purchase, The Adolph D. and Wilkins C. Williams Fund; no. 62.1.11: androgynous Gorgon with three pointed forehead marks from the tondo of an eye cup. Emptying the cup means also confronting the petrifying face; losing one’s head, thus, is cleverly equated with being «out of it». David Napier, Foreign Bodies: Performance, Art and Symbolic Anthropology. p.91.



residency at the Townhouse Gallery in Cairo

  • By Maria Sideri

Dina Kafafi, Finding Purpose



it comes in waves #2 and #3 now on sale

  • By Maria Sideri

Zine2Zine3_postards SET Zine3_postards B Zine3_postards A

The second and third issue of “it comes in waves” are now on sale.

“IT COMES IN WAVES” is a publication around topics of vibration, woman, matter, lust and dance. With a need to consider the current dilemma of feminist theory, this publication continues to rethink the female through the transcorporeal relations between bodies, environments and materiality transforming examples of the past into useful resources for the present. Acknowledging gender as a social construct, informed by the material conditions of its social production and the body as an agent of matter and lust, these issues are dedicated to the ritual of the Zar and the feminist revues of Huda Sharaawi, Doriya Shafika and Valentine de Saint Point.

Texts for issue #2 are from Elodie Gaden, Stefan Jovanovits, Maria Sideri.
For issue #3 the material is retrieved from the revues of Huda Sharaawi, Doriya Shaafik and Valentine de Saint Point from the archive of IDEO ( Dominican Institute for Oriental Studies) in Cairo and from the personal archive of the curator Adrien Sina.
Illustration for both issues is from Margit Mulder.




Fanzine “It comes in Waves” #1

  • By Maria Sideri

This publication is a dialogue with the past. It is a dialogue between myself and Valentine de Saint Point, an artist of the early 20th century. It presents the process and the development of this one-year dialogue and the research I undertook in various archives and residencies and in different performances. Themes evolve around the life and practice of de Saint Point herself, feminist theory, vibration, gender and the material conditions of its production, dance and choreography amongst others.

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  • By Maria Sideri

mUseum Rodin, The Opera and the Arsenal Library

PAF residency- Performing arts forum in Saint Erme




in discovery: “Vibratory Modernism”

  • By Maria Sideri


Vibratory Modernism is a collection of original essays that will enable scholars and students to explore how vibrations provided a means of bridging science and art – two fields that became increasingly separate over the course of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The book demonstrates the vital role played by vibrations in the fields of physics, physiology, spiritualism, and by new vibratory technologies, in helping to shape the way modernist art was made and viewed. The chapters are placed into three connecting parts focusing on literature, the visual arts and theatre, each part highlighting the diverse ways in which writers, artists and performers engaged with the fascinating world of vibrations.