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it comes in waves #2 and #3 now on sale

  • By Maria Sideri

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The second and third issue of “it comes in waves” are now on sale.

“IT COMES IN WAVES” is a publication around topics of vibration, woman, matter, lust and dance. With a need to consider the current dilemma of feminist theory, this publication continues to rethink the female through the transcorporeal relations between bodies, environments and materiality transforming examples of the past into useful resources for the present. Acknowledging gender as a social construct, informed by the material conditions of its social production and the body as an agent of matter and lust, these issues are dedicated to the ritual of the Zar and the feminist revues of Huda Sharaawi, Doriya Shafika and Valentine de Saint Point.

Texts for issue #2 are from Elodie Gaden, Stefan Jovanovits, Maria Sideri.
For issue #3 the material is retrieved from the revues of Huda Sharaawi, Doriya Shaafik and Valentine de Saint Point from the archive of IDEO ( Dominican Institute for Oriental Studies) in Cairo and from the personal archive of the curator Adrien Sina.
Illustration for both issues is from Margit Mulder.