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Maria Sideri is a greek artist based between London and Greece. Her practice is focused on movement, gesture and voice and is greatly influenced from her studies in dance and cultural anthropology. Between the space of performance and anthropology she experiments on how both disciplines frame activities concerned in giving meaning to experience and critical reflection on communicative processes. Her investigations turn to the body in possession or in objectification as an other in order to create a landscape of an ethnography of performance that uncovers the dialogue between what is performed and its embodiment in the cultural context in which it occurs.

Maria Sideri holds a BA in classical studies (University of Ioannina/ Greece 00-05), an MA in Anthropology (University of Geneva/ Switzerland 05-08) and an MA with distinction in Creative Practice (Laban/London). WORKS:“Stasis” with the music group Zero-Tau: SPILL National Platform (Ipswich, 11/12), Trouble festival (Brussels 4/13), “Vibrant Matter/ La Metachorie”: Full Length Premiere Artsadmin (London 11/14), Rag Factory (London 2/14), 3rd Performance Festival, (4th Biennale/ Greece 11/2013), video work: Chisenhale Dance Space Agony Art (London 1/14), Roman Road Festival (London, 3/14), Trip Space The Palest Light (London 5/14), Decoda Festival (Coventry 6/14), a limited edition Fanzine #1,#2,#3 “It comes in Waves”. Other collaborations: Simone Kenyon and Neil Callaghan (China Forrest Fringe 07/15), Lina Lapelyte, Block Universe Festival London (06/15).Tai Shani (Hayward Gallery/ Mirroring cities 11/14), Franz Erhard Walter (Frieze Art Fair, 11/14), Ron Athey “Messianic Remains” (Performance Space London, 5/14), Human Resources (Los Angeles 7/13), 3rd Performance Festival (Thessaloniki 10/13), Lina Lapelyte (6/13 RCA, 3/14 David Roberts Foundation, Tino Seghal (Tate Modern London 7-11/2012) and Lea Anderson (2011). Maria Sideri has received Arts Council England Grants to support the Research and Development, and Production, of Vibrant Matter / La Metachorie in 2013 and 2014.